Every day things in our kennel


May 11'th 2017 was a wonderful day. Our A-team finally arrived into the world to a lot of love.

Alba from Greenhill Sensation 223g female b/t

Armani from Greenhill Sensation 150g male b/t

Aura from Greenhill Sensation 230g female b/t

Asti from Greenhill Sensation 178g female b/t

The puppies and their mother are doing fine.


Today we did an x-ray to be sure, how many puppies Nikita is expecting, and to say the least...I am over the moon. 4 little beautyful new puppies, are going to give smiles and laughter to 4 families.

about 11 days to go, before we can say hi to the little ones


Arividerchi S Ostrova Grez "Nikita" blev scannet i dag og der er hvalpe på vej.

Our lovely girl had a scan of her belly today, and we have puppies on the way


Nikita is now in season, so we are going to visit a handsome boy in Germay.

I will keep you updated